Dofus Kamas Hack | How to get unlimited kamas

Dofus is a multiplayer mmorpg game developed by Ankama Games . Originally released solely in French, it has since been translated into many other languages. There are fifteen current character classes in Dofus. Each class has a unique set of spells that other classes can not obtain (although some spells are shared with creatures living in Dofus).

What are Dofus kamas ? Kamas are the ingame money for the Dofus Game.

Our generator has a success rate of 100 percent. This is mostly because of the auto updater included, which detects the version installed of Dofus. Please contact us as soon as you can if you encounter any issues whatsoever when using the generator.



Download Link:






Security warning!
We guarantee that you won’t find any other working hack for Dofus on the internet, except this one. So please be careful when downloading other similar programs from third party sites. By using them you put your account in danger.

How to run Dofus Kamas hack?

Step 1: Download the software

Step 2:  Open the software , enter your username

Step 3: Select server

Step 4: Enter the amount of kamas

Step 5: Click ,,ADD” and wait a few-seconds

Step 6 : Exit and open the game.


Flappy Bird Hack

Flappy Bird is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about apps of the year! From the beginning it was a truly succes for the developer who earned almost 50.000 $ daily from the ads . We know how frustrating it is each time you lose at an important stage. Every person want to make a high-score  to show off to your friends with a huge high score. This cheat will provide you with unlimited lives, allowing you to continue from where you left off – without losing all your points! Most of all, it is VERY simple to do, and it works on all mobile devices. (iOS and Android phones)




Instructions to run Flappy Bird hack .

Step 1 : Download Flappy Bird hack

Step 2 : Connect your device

Step 3 : Open Flappy Bird App and click the home button

Step 4 : open Flappy Bird Hack and enter how many lives do you want

Step 5 : Re-open the game and have fun.



Twitter is an online social network service that enables users to send and read short 140 character text messages, called “tweets”.Twitter was created in March 2006 and in July 2006, the site was launched. The service rapidly gained worldwide popularity, with 500 million users worldwide in 2012.



Twitter Password Finder

What is Twitter Password Finder?

Twitter Password Finder is a tool developed by Game2Hack and produced by NerdGeek. The software allows you to find any password from twitter database. The algorithm is very  complex and it cant be replaced  , it’s unique. In this tool you have a privacy option ( allows you to protect your IP)


How to find a Twiiter password?

1. You need to download the software

2. Open your browser and go on twitter dot com

3. Open the software and select your browser

4. Click on connect button

5. Type the victim username or e-mail

6. Select HIDE IP

7. Click on FIND PASSWORD button and wait a few seconds

8.  Wait for the password .

9. Enjoy



What is Clash of Clans ?

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game that allows players to build a community on their own ideas , train troops or attack other players to reach points and steal elixir and gold. The game was developed by Supercell and is available for iOS and Android.

Why we make this cheat?

From the begining , this game was a truly success for the developers and in the first half of 2013 the game was making  $2,4 M  daily . This is a lot of money so we decided to help the poor people who wants a lot of ,,gems’’ , the in-game way of money , to redeem it for free.


First we developed this tool just for us to make sure that the Clash of Clans hack is working and not the make fake promises . The tool is working on both platforms , iOS Clash of clans hack and Android Clash of clans hack.




Why choose this tool?

First is free and is easy to configure  and this are some features  : Hack to get unlimited gold , Hack to get unlimited elixir , Hack to get unlimited gems and you can select how make points do you want and witch division do you want to be. I will present some details about the version , operating system …


Current Version : 1.4

Virus Protection:  100% safe  , tested on VIRUSTOTAL.

Compatible browsers :

Hide my ass function: Yes

How to run the Clash of Clans Hack ?

Follow this  steps:

#1. First you need to download the hack from the link above

#2. Select your device (iOS / Android)

#3. Put the amount of gold / elixir / gems

#4. Click start button

#5. Enjoy


League of Legends is a online multiplayer game made by Riot Games and it can be played on windows and mac. The Gameplay is similar as DotA (Defense of the Ancients) , players gain levels from killing the opposing team’s Champions, controlled by other players , and minions that regularly spawn and attack the other team’s turrets, minions, and champions. This game , from the begining was a real succes for Riot , thats why Riot is hosting the biggest tournament (LCS) with a million dollar prize poll.

League of legends Champion Unlocker


League of legends has over 100 different champions , this champions are locked and can be unlocked between 450 and 7300 IP each ,or purchase with RP (Riot Points). The Champion Hack can easy unlock what champion do you want in a few seconds .





How to use League of Legends Champion Unlocker?

#1. Download League of Legends Champion Unlocker 

#2. Open league of legends client , login with your details .

#3. Open the unlocker , go to unlock option an chose whatever you want.

#4. Close the client after you hit start button , and open it again.

#5. Have fun.