Clash of Clans Strategy; How To Make it Fun

Clash of Clans can be taken as a game that lure you in to purchase in-game currency only to move up faster. In the case you want to avoid paying any cost of moving up, you are left with a slow moving and boring game. Not many gamers have the patience to rely on their skill and wait for their opportunities to advance in the game. There are some willing take their time and play slowly but not many. The point of playing games isn’t just wasting your time but having some fun in the process. Being boring pretty much takes away the fun part out of it, doesn’t it?

Clash of Clans Strategy

Clash of Clans gameplay strategy

It almost feels like COC is made around the purchase system. unless you pay, you are only in for some time wasting and nerves wrecking. Who want’s that? So it’s either pay or move on, or is it? There are always those rumors about getting Clash of Clans free Gems if you join that forum or use that cheat. Sometimes you can get some Gems using those advice and tricks but you must wonder how much is enough. There is never enough. This game is so fast moving, addictive and engaging that you’ll always want and need more.

Clash of Clans gameplay strategy1

Your best bet to achieve anything worth while in Clash of Clans is probably to have a good balance between IAP’s and good game strategy. Maybe some cheats here and then won’t hurt. Some glitches and tricks can be of great value if used properly. balance and strategy is the key. What you want from COC is to enjoy yourself and interact with your clan and friends. That is something to keep in mind. If it costs you some more time or IAP’s? Most people don’t care. For those that do not want to spend that extra time or cost, Clash of Clans hack might be a solution.



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