Deer Hunter 2016 Review: Something Old, Something New

Deer Hunter 2016 is here and, of course, it’s time for some cheats and tricks to get you going but we’ll cover that in another post. For now let’s see the good and the bad of this new game installment. The new game edition brings some nice upgrades and some downgrades as well.

Like when you upgrade your weapons and go to another region only to discover you can’t use them there. You’ll supposed to spend money even to move to another region. It would be nice if it had a model to buy premium currency with standard in-game currency but it’s not the case.

maybe in some future installments. Some would say this edition is directed to pay to win model even more then the previous ones but it is what it is. Still, it’s a fun game and a few decent cheats or a Deer Hunter 2016 hack program could be of some help.

IAPs are quite expensive and the game could benefit easing up on that part.
There is an issue of variety with this game. getting a kill is all too easy, levels are exactly the same and you have to play them multiple times. If this sounds a little boring, well, it is.
When it comes to good sides of this new edition to the Deer Hunter series, the game play is simple and graphics are incredible. It’s very natural looking and sounding. The sound effects are very realistic and can be turned off if you’d rather listen to music of your own choice.
The game is very new and there is much left to explore. So far the the upgrades on graphics, sound and new regions are amazing and worth giving it a look. For now we bring you some screenshots and a promise of some good cheats when they turn up.

Deer Hunter 2016


Deer Hunter 2016 Android iOS


DEER HUNTER 2016 iOS Android

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