Fallout Shelter Review – Well Designed and Pretty Fair

Fallout Shelter is one of those games you just can’t stop playing. It’s addictive, it’s fun and it takes forever to finish what you started. What’s the problem then apart from you have a new obsession? For most part there are non except from expensive IAP and some gamers obviously using Fallout Shelter hack tools or something like that. Otherwise there is no way they could have that much resources or is it? Is it possible they are spending that much on the game’s IAP? On the other hand, maybe they do and the average fan probably won’t go that road, at least not that severe.

Is Fallout Shelter for iOS/Android worth it?

fallout shelter game review

It’s a post-nuclear disaster time and you are in control of a underground Vault. You gotta build it to perfection, oversee and protect your dwellers from Wasteland. This is a strategy game for iOS and Android users that is more than popular and getting bigger by the day. You get the tools to play the game and it’s on you how you use them.
The game is free-to-download and can be played entirely free if you are skilled. If not, there is always the IAP system and you can purchase what you need. Otherwise, everything can be achieved even without any purchases. It’s good to have a solid strategy, read up on Fallout Shelter guides and be patient. IAP is completely optional when it comes to Fallout Shelter for mobile. It’s up to you how go of a player you are and how patient.
Like any other game, there is always room to get better. Some features would use some upgrades but all in all, the design is solid and a gameplay is interesting enough to keep you occupied. Good balance between optional IAP and strategy makes this a game worth seeing for yourself.

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