Game of War Fire Age iOS Review – Fun and Addictive

Game of War Fire Age is a wonderful game that you’ll never get bored with. The platform is a little unstable but that’s a problem with most mobile games. There are some bugs and they are regularly fixed. The main issue with it is the shielding bug. Sometimes you can not apply a shield so you have to reboot the game. Never mind the bugs, you can have a lot of fun with this game and make a lot of friends through it’s chat. The game has a decent social features that make it that much more fun.

Game of War Fire Age Tip

Unlike some other games, here even if you spend money it’ll still take some time to move up. Another thing about Game of War is it’s not about strategy but power acquisition. Building your empire takes a long time and completing task by task keeps you going. The actual fighting is not a big part of it all. There is very little of the fighting going on. There is much more of the building and finishing tasks to upgrade your weapons, troops etc.
As for the skill level, no skill is actually required to gain power if you pay money. If not, prepare yourself to be attacked by those that do. There are methods to avoid spending too much (apart from giving up). Like most multiplayers, Game of War Fire Age has numerous cheats, glitches and hacks going around. It’s enough to google something like Game of War Fire Age hack and it returns a bunch of results.
There is a huge number of very good guides that can help you gain resources quicker. When it comes to hacks and cheats I would be careful about using those if you are not absolutely sure they are not fake and won’t mess up your game or your mobile.

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