Marvel Contest of Champions iOS Game Review: Frustrating

Marvel Contest of Champions is a decent game but it would benefit from some improvements when it comes to it’s IAP. I’ve been playing the game for almost a year and still find it highly flawed. I keep convincing myself how the crystal draws is random but I still have doubts.

Another issue I’m having with the whole thing is that obtaining Units is too hard and you need them for potions and crystals. The game is lags and it’s filled with bugs and sometimes it refuses to load.
In the beginning I used to hate it but kept playing and now I find it rather addictive. The biggest issue is that you can’t get a decent character without spending real money and even then it’s not a guarantee.

Marvel Contest of Champions


They are getting better on that regard but the changes are not significant enough. It is possible to get a decent character now but not very likely when you enter the draw.
Still the game has grown on me. It’s a beautifully designed game and the battles are honestly fun most of the time. Shame it’s designed as one of the worst kinds of freemium games ever.
And then they wonder why people resort to cheating? When you get into a game like this you start to understand that mentality. It’s perfectly fine to spend money on a game.

It’s understandable to a point. When a game is constructed and focused on your money only, then you start to wonder is it really possible to hack Marvel Contest of Champions. Some say it is, others say not really. For the time being I’ll focus on some guides and cheats proven to work.

I’ve been using guides for some time now because there is simply no way anyone could keep playing this without spending a serious amount of money. Another interesting post we have about the Marvel game series is about the Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 hack. Check it out if you play that too.



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