More Life Points and Simoleons with The Sims Freeplay Cheats

It’s easy to play The Sims Freeplay when you have a lot of in-game currency. In this case, there are two currencies in play; Simoleons and Life points. Both can be purchased with real world money. But is it worth it?
What I mean is is it worth spending real world money for virtual currency to pay for virtual stuff so your virtual character would get this and that. Many gamers think so.
You must have heard of cheats. There are tricks and hacks to get more Simoleons and Life points without spending money and it’s not The Sims Freeplay hack tool. What I’m referring to are simple cheats and tricks to get you the best results while you even have fun playing the game. Nothing wrong with using some good old cheats to get in-game advantage.

The Sims Freeplay tips dogs

1. First method to get maximum Life Points and Simoleons is by completing tasks and cctivities. If your sims are inspired, they will earn more. Fulfill their needs and they will earn more currency.

2. Give your sims coffee to bring their energy up. That takes away the need to sleep.

3. Raise the happy bar to the maximum by being funny when talking to other sims.

4. Buying drinks on a night out or cupcakes will also make your sims happy. Do all of the above when you need more stuff done.

5. Produce goods and sell them. Bake something! It will take a lot of baking to earn Life points but it does work.

6. Sim’s pet dog can dig up money and Lifestyle Points! Train the dog by praising him when he digs up Lifestyle Points so he’ll do it again. Buy him a bone. You spend two Life points on a bone but it will get you much more in the long run.
The more you spend on your pets, more Sims and Life Points they will bring.

7. Your sims earn LP and Simoleons when they have a job. You sims should go to work regularly so they get a better job position and earn more money. These are the esencial cheats to get more in-game currency. There are a lot more tricks on other websites like Wikihow.

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